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Our Niagara video marketing services enhance the delivery of your message and create a deeper connection with your audience leading to increased engagement and conversions.

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Video Performs

The Best

In the digital age, video marketing is the most effective form of content.

The digital landscape has become saturated with text based content consumers don’t read, and reused stock photos that are recognized as inauthentic.

Whether it’s on websites, social media, or ad campaigns, video based content exceeds the performance of text and photo based content across all metrics.

At Leadslide our dedicated video marketing team specializes in visual storytelling, creating a connection between your audience and brand. We utilize video content to demonstrate authority, and more effectively communicate your message leading to more engagement and conversions.

Our Video Marketing Services

website videos

Website Videos

Our video marketing team creates professional videos that drastically increase the performance of websites. Whether it’s a video showcasing your services, a video reviewing your products, or a client testimonial we use video to increase website leads and conversions.

social media videos

Social Media Videos

Our social media video marketing services includes vertical videos for Instagram, and Tik Tok as well as videos for Facebook and X/Twitter. Our video marketing team crafts engaging videos that promote your business and create a following across all social platforms.

video advertising

Video Advertising

We create video content for advertising platforms such as Google Ads and Meta Ads. By utilizing video in your marketing campaign you can more effectively communicate your services and products consistently leading to increased campaign conversion rates.

Featured Video Marketing Projects

Infrared Imaging



We created a captivating short video for Infrared Imaging Solutions, Canada’s leading thermographic inspection firm. We utilized this video at the top of their website homepage to grab visitor attention, and convey their industry authority.

The use of video content on IRIS website has demonstrated its effectiveness through a drastic increase in average on site time, SEO visibility, and monthly leads. Although the most notable measure of this video’s marketing success is all of the new inquiries IRIS receives mentioning their cool video.

Featured Video Marketing Projects



We produced an inspiring video highlighting the journey of Chris Howe, from a Niagara Fire Captain battling addiction to becoming addiction free and co-founding Lakeside Recovery in order to help others who are suffering from addiction.

This video has served to connect people currently struggling with addictions to Chris and Inspire them to take action and seek treatment with Lakeside Recovery. The powerful narrative and firsthand testimony in the video aim to foster hope and encourage those in need to choose Lakeside for their path to recovery.

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

Niagara Video Marketing FAQ

What do you charge for video marketing?

The price of our video marketing services vary per project based on your unique needs. Book a consultation to receive a free quote.

Do you provide drone videography services?

Yes, our videography team includes licensed drone operators who skillfully capture stunning aerial content to enhance your visual storytelling.

What platforms do you create videos for?

We create videos for use on websites, blogs, product pages, social media, and advertising campaigns.

Do you create videos for marketing on Instagram and Tik Tok?

Yes, we produce vertical videos to engage your audience and grow your brand on Instagram and TikTok.

Do you offer social media marketing services?

Yes, we offer complete social media marketing services which include video content creation.

Do you offer video narration services?

Yes, we provide professional narration services that encompass a range of voices and styles to suit your project needs.

Do you work with specific brand guidelines for consistency in video content?

Yes, we encourage our clients to share their brand guidelines when applicable, ensuring our video content aligns with your established branding.

Is video marketing more effective?

Yes, in our experience professionally executed video marketing consistently outperforms all other forms of content across all metrics.

How long does it take to complete a video project?

This depends entirely on the scope of your project. Some projects may take weeks while others can take months to complete.

How do I get started?

To get started with our video marketing services please call us or contact us through our contact form to book a consultation.

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